Peer Review Policy

Peer Review Policy

First a submission code will be allocated and all the future contacts should be based on this code. Then articles are primarily evaluated by our statisticians and internal screeners who check the articles to see if the format and content conforms to the journal's criteria and then if acceptable is sent for peer-reviewing and for any methodological flaws, format, and their compliance with the journal’s instructions. Journal follows a Double-Blind peer review in which the authors do not know the reviewers and vice versa. The articles will then be reviewed by at least three external (peer) reviewers. Their Comments will be passed to the authors and their responses to the comments along with the reviewer’s comments will then be evaluated by the Editor-in-Chief, the Deputy Editor, and a final reviewer who can be a member of the Editorial Board. The final review process will be discussed in regular session and on the basis of their comments, and the journal’s Scope the Editor-in-Chief will decide which articles should be published.

Manuscript Acceptance Process

Manuscript submission by the author (Manuscriptonline) includes the complete registration of authors and manuscript in the webpage of the journal (Manuscriptonline). Before sending the manuscript in order to expedite the process, please review the stages including the authors’ guide carefully and accurately set based on the guideline in the system and send.

1. The editor and the editorial board opinion about the article and, if necessary, referral to specialized secretary (7 days);

2. Presentation to 3 peer reviewers; all editorial processes are double-blind and assessed by 3 reviewers and also a statistical reviewer;

3. Reviewers opportunity to review manuscripts and comments with complete evaluation forms and proceed to the editor and the authors on the quality and quantity of manuscript (15 days);

Four conditions in reviewing process are possible: 

  1. If the two reviewers reject the paper, the paper will be rejected.
  2. If the two reviewer point out major revision, the manuscript will be given to the author to revise that.

  3. If the one reviewer need major revision but other one reject that manuscript, the editor asked third reviewer and third reviewer will be decided on that.

  4. If the reviewers do not make the job in the defined period; in this case, re-referee/reviewers considered new.

4. Resubmission of the manuscripts by the authors (2 months);

5. Sending of the manuscript to former reviewers for re-evaluation (1 day);

6. Make the final decision on acceptance or rejection of the manuscript (3 days);

7. In case of rejection of the manuscript the author will be informed; the accepted ones are proceed to the next stage (1 day);

8. The manuscripts will be sent to the Persian and English editing (10 days);

9. The manuscripts will be sent to layout (2 days);

10. The waiting period depends on the number of accepted manuscripts which are in press (1 year and 6 months);

11. Finally, after publishing an article, it can be downloaded in a PDF file for free on the journal's website.

 Pay attention to:

  • After notification to the corresponding author, the authors will have a deadline to submit the initial revision and also two days for final approval of the manuscript. Obviously the author's lack of response as an approval of this article is available on site.
  • Editorial board has a right to accepting, rejecting and also has a right to do scientific and literary editing of an article, shorten it (subject to agreement by the author).
  • The corresponding author is responsible for the contents of their articles and all rights reserved for the authors.

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