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  Aim and Scope

 The Iranian South Medical of Journal (Iran South Med J) is a peer review quarterly biomedical publication, the aim of which is to provide a scientific medium of communication for the researchers throughout the globe. This journal is publishingarticles related to different medical sciences educational domains including basic and clinical sciences, and health domain as well. The journal publishes Original, Review, Case Report, Book Review, letter to Editor, Response, and Short Communication articles mainly on prevalent disease especially in the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea Region and the analysis of various regional problems. All is aimed to create an atmosphere to exchange successful and valuable experiences in education of medical sciences.

  Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Majid Assadi, MD 

  Iranian South Medical of Journal

  P.O. Box: 7514763448, Iran

  Tel/Fax: +98 (77) 33341827-8



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